Feedback Management System in Kenya

Improve your business performance

Businesses that are disconnected from their customers suffer financially from bad reviews and are often unaware of customer sentiment until it's too late. Our Feedback Management System provides a simple, affordable and an effective feedback application for organizations to spread the brand value, increase operational efficiencies and increase customer engagement.

Reports state, "Happy customers who get their issue resolved, tell 4 to 6 people about their experience" With our Feedback Manangement System (FMS), Customer Experience Measurement is no longer a case of ticking boxes and fulfilling statutory requirements. Our FMS helps you to engage your customers, employees and partners to increase loyalty, facilitate innovation and influence your critical business decisions. FMS can be used by hotels, banks, hospitals, restaurants, education, convention centers and government and public sector.

Benefits include:

  • Simple to use & cost effective
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Improves customer retention
  • Helps businesses benchmark performance
  • Monitor and measure employees' performance
  • Excellent 24x7 support

Feedback Management System:

  • Size 10.1"
    • Model : RP-0301 ( Camera + Wi-Fi )
  • Size 15.6"
    • Model : ZTL-0615 ( Network Port + Wi-Fi )
    • Model : ZTL-0615-C ( Network Port + Camera + Wi-Fi )
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