Digital Signage for Car Dealerships & Auto Shops in Kenya

Digital signage will enhance customers’ experience and improve your marketing communication. Offer additional services and visual augmentation with engaging and appealing digital signage content through vibrant screens. Keep your customers informed and entertained.

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Inform and Engage your customers!

How does an auto dealership attract and engage the kind of customers who will pay top dollar for vehicles and add-on service packages? The answer lies beyond good salesmanship, and requires leveraging technology. You have to create a pleasing, fun and engaging environment that will retain customer interest, and expose them to the range of possibilities in terms of models, accessories and current promotions. The customer should leave with a memorable emotional experience as a result of their interaction in your dealership. An effective method to achieve the latter is to leverage digital signage.
We provide 42" to 84" dynamic and interactive wall mounted and free standing digital posters and even video walls for car showrooms, auto repair shops and car dealerships in Kenya.

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sales communications - Benefits

  • The Brand Experience Solution – promote services, events and values to improve brand awareness and revenue.
  • Reduce perceived wait times by displaying HD videos, animations, images, offers and promotions in waiting rooms. This is more appealing than static posters.
  • Offer interactive kiosks to engage customers and get the opportunity to cross sell and upsell.
  • Improve on the aesthetic ambiance of your showrooms and dealership
  • Boost sales by promoting new vehicles, accessories and safety features,promotions on service offerings, loyalty programs and amenities and offering advertising opportunities.

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Why Adcents Media?

In-Store digital retail solutions increase bottom line profits by modernizing your dealership, promoting your brand, sales & services and increasing your dealership's identity in a crowded market. Complete digital solutions include screens and kiosks throughout your dealership that impact the customer experience, drives more sales, reinforcing the brand and increasing overall marketing ROI. We can provide you with cost effective digital signage solutions such as:

  • Showroom displays or video walls
  • Waiting room Advertising Displays
  • Interactive displays or Kiosks to engage clients

Our powerful and easy to use cloud-based digital signage software gets you quickly started and empowers you to control your messaging. The web-based software is easily accessible from any computer with internet access. We will help you quickly deploy your display screens as well as with the content required. We also provide you with friendly customer support and ensure your project is a success. We provide affordable, cloud based digital signage services for car dealerships in Kenya.

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