Interactive Smart Boards and Flat Panels in Kenya

Our interactive screens bring your meetings to life. Packed with collaboration tools, they combine 4K resolution and up to 40-point multi-touch capabilities to deliver vivid visual classrooms, boardrooms and other shared spaces

Our brands include: Onescreen, Maxhub, VTouch and Goodview

We supply in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and rest of Africa

interactive smart board and flat panels in kenya and africa

What is a smart board?

Smart boards also know as interactive flat panels are large interactive displays that are often wall mounted or attached to mobile carts. They allow users to interact, collaborate and manipulate data by: touching the board with a finger or stylus(electronic pen) or with a simple mouse click to move things around, annotate, share documents and presentations and connect to other devices like, laptops, video conferencing cameras and document cameras.

Smart Boards or interactive flat panels are a perfect fit for classrooms, meeting rooms, and other collaborative spaces.
We are a leading suppliers of interactive smart boards and flat panels in Kenya

General Features

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Multi-touch or Multi-writing
  • Annotation
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Document Viewer
  • Video Conferencing
  • Web browsing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Image Editing
  • Recording
  • Multi-tasking
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Our Products

We provide interactive smart boards for businesses and educational institutions in Kenya. Transform your office or classroom into a truly collaborative space. Discover our Interactive Displays for Corporate and Education applications.

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