Control Room Solutions in Kenya

we provide high performance LCD/LED video wall screens, video wall controllers and KVMs for around-the-clock monitoring in your command and control centers.

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We provide professional design, installation and commissioning of control rooms: NOCs, SOCs, EOCs and other hybrid operational environments in Kenya.

A command and control center is a secure area in a facility that allows for centralized situation monitoring, control and command.

Adcents Media specializes in mission critical A/V integration and custom control center furniture for command center environments in the public and private sectors. With over 10 years of experience, we understand the rigorous requirements of an operations center video wall.

Our expertise include:

  • Solution design, planning and budget consultation.
  • Project Management & Installation services.
  • Audio Visual solutions- Display, video wall processors, controllers and network integration.
  • Technology furniture solution- ergonomic consoles and workstations as well as conference and situation room tables.
  • Workstation Computers
  • Dynamic KVM solutions
  • Service and Support
 control room video wall in kenya

Types of Control Room Display Screens in Kenya

Acquiring the highest quality display technology is essential to maintaining a highly functional control room environment. Selecting the correct display wall panels for your space can be the difference that creates a coherent viewing experience free of unnecessary distraction.

LCD Video Walls

network operations center video wall in kenya

Narrow-bezel high quality LCD video walls.

Panel Sizes: 46inch, 49inch and 55inch.

Pop-out mounts for easy front maintenance

Built for 24/7 operation.

LED Video Walls

control room led video wall in kenya

Direct View LED video walls.

Available in any desired size according to your space.

Available in 0.9 - 2.5mm pixel pitches

Front installation and serviceability

Built for 24/7 operation.

Video wall Controller in Kenya

In a situation when multiple sources of mission critical information are pulled together for team viewing, a video wall controller can make that process straight forward.

We can deploy both prorprietary hardware or vendor agnostic PC hardware solution that is mainly driven by our controller software. This enables us to deliver AV over IP visualization solutions for your control rooms and command centers. Our controller solutions empower mission critical operations centers with true situational awareness. .

Benefits & Features include:

  • Simplified troubleshooting & maintenance.
  • Scalability – easily scale your infrastructure whether increasing number of users, sources, displays or visual applications.
  • Open Non-proprietary – ensures maximum flexibility for our customers as we don’t deploy on proprietary hardware. Our software platform is agnostic and supports any display.
  • Versatility in sources- Display any type of content on your video wall. Add & remove any content source at will (Native Web Browsers or web based dashboards, VNC or desktop streaming , RTSP/RTP, cameras etc.) at minimal or no extra cost.
  • Easy click and drag interface - easily move and resize content
  • create, save and instantly recall unlimited layouts for faster decision making

Adcents Media will help you determine the right video wall controller for your project and budget. Get in touch today.

 video wall controller in kenya

Control Room Applications

What control room are you looking for?

network operations center video wall in kenya

Security Operations Center

Security and surveillance control rooms provide video surveillance and 24x7 protection for a variety of public facilities and private property. High-resolution video screens designed for long duty cycles provide reliable performance around the clock. Display solutions with embedded flexibility can be compatible with multiple sources.

network operations center video wall in kenya

Network Operations Center

Network Operations Centers (NOCs) provide 24x7 management and control of a network’s infrastructure environment. Video wall installations are a critical resource for providing a big picture view of a network ecosystem.

emergency operations center video wall in kenya

Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) are tasked with the vital responsibility of emergency and disaster management and response. Video walls and displays are integral tools in EOCs that heighten the visibility of critical data, improving interpretation and the speed and effectiveness to act on it.

traffic operations center video wall in kenya

Traffic Operations

Control rooms of traffic management centers fulfill the important task of controlling the flow of traffic, reducing congestion, increasing safety and improving the overall efficiency of transportation systems. Traffic control display solutions require round-the-clock reliability and image quality that supports clear visualization of data, maps and video surveillance.

utility and energy operations video wall in kenya

Utility & Energy Operations

Control rooms for utilities and energy plants include real-time process control for power generation and distribution, water and wastewater systems, as well as oil and gas production and distribution. Reliable display technologies ensure smooth and continuous operation and minimize downtime. Video walls and displays designed with compatibility can be configured to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems to optimize supervision and management.

situation room video wall in kenya

Situation Rooms

Briefing and situation meeting rooms - usually in connection with military and governmental centers - are used to support high-level meetings or to manage crisis situations. State-of-the-art video walls and screens, equipped with the flexibility to support video conferencing, act as a focal point in these rooms to display important information and support high-priority decisions.

Customer Cases

Below are some of our completed projects

control room video wall in kenya

Wells Fargo Limited

Solution includes: 4x2 LG video wall running from one video wall controller. This is an AV-over-IP solution. Used to view cameras, desktop apps and real time web based maps.

surveillance room video wall in kenya

BAT Kenya

Solution includes: 2 sets of 2x2 LG video walls both controlled by one video wall controller. This is an AV-over-IP solution. Used to view cameras, desktop apps and real time web based maps.

situation room video wall in kenya

Ministry of Defence

Command & Control installation at one of the Defence Ministry's security facilities. Consists of: 6x3 video wall, video wall controller, console furniture and workstation computers. Multiple content sources can be viewed in real time for better situational awareness.


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