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easy to use, turn any screen into an advertising display

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Present your content on any screen anywhere and at any time

Our Digital Signage software consolidates all your digital signage content in one place and enables you to distribute them over any number of registered screens anywhere in Kenya and Africa. It’s as easy as uploading content, creating your playlists, determining the playback order and pressing play. Any user, even one with limited IT experience can create, schedule and manage digital signage screens. We provide the most cost effective, enterprise featured, cloud based digital signage software and content development services in Kenya.

We provide a modern, cost effective, cloud-based digital signage software for customers in Kenya and Africa. No need for an on-premise server and the costs that come with server maintenance and all other IT-related ‘headaches.’

Below are some of the features that make our software the best choice for your digital signage needs:

digital signage software cms in kenya

Global: Worldwide control

With our cloud-based software, you can control your screens from anywhere in the world. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection. Then no matter where you are, you can manage the content on your screens.

With just a few mouse clicks you can adjust content on thousands of screens. This allows you to fully customize your screens and send out global content from your headquarters, while still allowing your local stores the ability to personalize their content.
With our software, you can display: images, videos, websites, slideshows, weather, clock, RSS feeds, social media widgets and many more

digital  signage cloud software in kenya

Digital Signage Scheduler

From any computer, you can remotely manage your entire network of digital signs. You can easily and swiftly preschedule your content or slides to update on specific dates and times automatically, set expiration dates or recurring play times. All content caches locally onto the media player. Incase you loose internet connection, your content will still show on the screen.

Day Parting - Perfect for digital menu boards, you can preset your content to breakfast, lunch, dinner and other menus to play automatically on the times you set.

digital signage content scheduler and player in kenya

Dashboard - view reports: Analyze your network performance

You will be able to view the status and online connectivity of your players, run detailed media reports, gather proof-of-play statistics and more!

This powerful tool enables you to gather valuable real-time information about your screens and media. You can use this data to track and optimize your screen performance.

digital signage proof of play reports in kenya

Digital Signage Studio

Using the online Studio Editor, you will be able to create media-rich digital signage content. By using the built-in drag-and-drop widgets: images, videos, vibrant slideshows, RSS feeds, scrolling text tickers, webpages, interactive polls, virtual queue, Facebook and Twitter feeds, YouTube streams and more, you will be able to create beautiful and dynamic digital signage content!

Start from a blank canvas or choose from over 200+ free designer made digital signage templates. Drag and drop customize anything. Add advanced design features, custom colors, images, and media rich widgets. You can easily design the most spectacular digital signage, all on your own.
The online editor is intuitive and specially designed for users with little graphic design experience.

digital signage content designer in kenya

Signage Widgets

At no extra cost, receive full access to over 20+ dynamic widgets. All widgets are drag & drop and do not require hours of technical integration. Simply choose your widget, add it the canvas and input your media.

We support PNG, JPEG, JPG, PPT, Google slides, MP4 videos, websites integration, ustream, twitter, instagram, youtube, facebook, RSS feeds, touch screen and more. The widgets and easy implementation make our platform the perfect digital signage software..

digital signage plugins and widgets in kenya

Interactive Kiosk

Have your customers reach out and touch your presentations with touch-enabled screens. With our digital signage software, you can also create engaging touch-screen kiosks! No coding or HTML5 setup. Add button and link it to open new pages of content, web pages, videos and more!
The touchscreen widget is perfect for creating dynamic and fun interactive content for tablets, free-standing kiosks and touchscreen displays.
Whether at the trade fair, the showroom floor or wherever your customers are, now they can interact with your content.

touch screen applications in kenya

Multiple Orientations

For an eye-catching look, try installing your screens vertically rather than horizontally. Our platform works seamlessly with any combination of landscape or portrait displays.

touch screen applications in kenya

Readily Available Hardware

Our player software can be installed and run on the industries best variety of digital signage media players: Android, Chrome OS and Windows. You do not need servers, advanced hardware, or a complex IT network. Simply purchase a device of your choice and install our app for free!.

Please check with us if you are not sure your media player is compatible. We will send you the right software version for your media player.

digital signage media player in kenya

Why Choose us?

We understand how your investment in digital signage marketing is important to you. Thats why we are offering our software in a top tier cloud to ensure customer satisfaction. Our benefits include:

  • high reliability
  • Easy to use platform
  • easily accessible 247 support
  • fast deployment
  • competitive pricing with enterprise features
  • simple scalability
digital signage software cms in kenya

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Easy to use digital signage software CMS in Kenya


Choose from our ready made template library or create from scratch. Upload your images and videos. Choose from over 20+ widgets that are a simple one-click set-up and can be fully customized to meet your exact requirements. Popular widgets include:

  • Scrolling news feeds
  • Multi-component slideshows
  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
  • HD videos and Ustream
  • Website Integrations
  • Custom text tickers
  • Live weather and world clock
  • Interactive polls and virtual queue
  • Google Slides, Google Sheets
  • Touchscreen
digital signage cloud software kenya -content designer


Quickly build playlists. Our playlist and scheduling features enable you to drag and drop what your viewers see and when. Make changes to your schedule anytime and anywhere. Your screens will show the most relevant information to your customers exactly when you want.

cloud / web based digtial signage software


Connect your media player or smart TV and start displaying Full HD or UHD content on your screens. Bring your screens to life with our digital signage service. Our easy to use platform will turn any TV into a digital advertising display. Suitable for digial menu boards, advertising displays, interactive displays, information kiosks, building directories, digital posters and many more.

digital signage Advertising Display kenya


From low-cost reliable Android digital signage players, to high-powered Chrome OS players, to enterprise-grade Windows players, Our software seamlessly runs on today's best variety of digital signage players. Android TV boxes, Intel NUCs, Chromesticks and Chromeboxes are just some examples of what our Digital Signage runs on!

digital signage Advertising Display kenya
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