Digital signage for educational institutions in kenya

university/schools advertising displays in kenya

Bespoke marketing channel for schools, universities, colleges & educational institutions in Kenya.

Creating an Innovative Learning Environment.
The displays are being primarily deployed in common areas such as hallways, cafeterias, student lounges, libraries and lobbies.

video walls for education, university or schools

Engage & Inform

Engaging students, faculty, visitors and staff in schools, universities, colleges and other educational institutions, with timely and targeted information. It is important in order to build a connected and safe community. A lot of the students are digital natives and respond well to technology.
This makes digital signage for education a great tool for informing and educating students, as well as keeping them safe by sharing emergency alerts.

Digital signage is eye-catching, intrusive and draws attention, enabling school administrators to:

  • Post automated event listings to drive attendance to school events.
  • Save money on poster/banner printing and installation
  • Build the school spirit by celebrating big athletic wins or academic milestones.
  • Highlight student and staff achievements as well as showcase donor contributions.
  • Drive additional revenue by promoting the bookstore, café or other campus shop offerings.
  • Can be used for emergency alerts
  • Display time and weather information
  • Improve on the ambience and learning experience of your institution
  • Inform staff and students and create a sense of community

video wall for education digital signage in kenya

Why Adcents Media?

Our cloud based digital signage content management system empowers educational institutions to connect with all thieir target audience in a simple yet powerful new way. We are end-to-end, meaning we provide you with the hardware, software and support services. We can provide you with the following solutions and services

  • Digital signage software
  • HD/FHD/UHD commercial grade digital screens or posters. Floor standing and wall mounted
  • Waiting room Advertising Displays
  • Interactive displays or Kiosks to engage your audience
  • Video walls
  • Content creation services

Our powerful and easy to use cloud-based digital signage software gets you quickly started and empowers you to control your messaging. The web-based software is easily accessible from any computer with internet access. We will help you quickly deploy your display screens as well as with the content required. We also provide you with friendly customer support and ensure your project is a success. We provide affordable, cloud based digital signage services for car dealerships in Kenya.

digital signage as a service for Educational institutions

With our cloud based software you can easily control your personal channel across a limitless number of screens in your campus. Easily turn your screen into an advertising or information display screen with our pre-designed templates or create and upload custom designs and graphics using our software, to add to your collection of photos and videos stored on our server for you.

bar digital signage

Low/No upfront capital

Forget high up-front costs of procuring digital signage. Move to an operating cost model that keeps you on budget.

bar digital signage

Keep pace with technology

Experience maximum flexibility with continuous platform updates and easy upgrade options.

bar digital signage

Education signage made simple

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.


Measured Performance

Set and track benchmarks to measure your success.

Education digital signage products

The following are some of the products we provide for schools, univerisities and campuses. We place these displays at strategic places where your target audience can get maximum exposure and consume the relevant information at the right place, easily. We can provide displays of various types, sizes and various mounting options to suite your needs.

wall mount advertising display for schools in kenya

Wall mount Displays

Engage your audience at the right places with eye-catching wall mount advertising displays. Good for cafeterias, loungs, waiting rooms and libraries. Display eye-catching content (videos, animation, text and images) to inform your target audience about activities in your institution. Can be touch enabled. Get in touch

floor standing advertising displays for schools in kenya

Floor standing Display

Good way to replace those static floor standing banners with a more attractive, cost effective and engaging display. Display eye-catching content (videos, animation, text and images) to inform your target audience about activities in your institution. Can be touch enabled. Get in touch

touch kiosk for schools kenya

Information Kiosk

Use touch screen kiosks as digital concierge to offer information to your students, visitors and staff. They can get information such as : registration process, fees, library services, courses, class schedules, events and many more. Get in touch

video wall for schools kenya

Video Walls

Seamless 2x2 or 3x3 video walls for the auditorium, waiting room, cafeteria, lounges and libary. An effective way to inform and engage.Get in touch

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