Digital Signage for retail stores in kenya

Digital signage in retail spaces helps transform your business into an experience. Show ads, make announcements, and entice viewers to check out your latest deals.

digital signage for retail in kenya

Digital retail store - attract customers and boost sales

Bring your store and products to life.

Grab your customers' attention and influence their purchasing decisions right at the point of purchase. Digital signage opens the door to new design possibilities in retail spaces, creating a digital display that perfectly complements your products and store architecture. With their eye-catching visuals and dynamic messages, retail digital signage displays can transform an unremarkable store visit into an inviting and innovative shopping experience.

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Digital signage is no longer a novelty — it’s something sophisticated customers expect when they shop in a brick and mortar store. Today’s smart businesses are taking advantage of this, using the technology to::

  • Engage with today's smart shopper and millennials with interactive displays and smarter screen content.
  • Promote new products, special offers, and sales using in-store retail signage displays.
  • Reduce perceived wait times by entertaining customers as they await service
  • Earn revenue from advertising partners by displaying ads on the digital signs.
  • Attract additional foot traffic using the vividness of your digital displays.
  • Showcase product features on your digital screens to encourage engagement.
  • Ensure brand consistency and compliance across all retail locations
  • Display product reviews

digital posters kenya

Why Adcents Media?

Our powerful digital signage software empowers you to control your messaging. The web-based software is easily accessible from any computer with internet access. We will help you quickly deploy your display screens as well as with the content required.
We can provide you with the following to enhance your customers' retail experiences:

  • Digital Posters / Indoor LEDs
  • Window Displays
  • Video Walls
  • Interactive Kiosks and applications
  • Floor mount displays with touch screen options
  • Aisle Displays or PiPs (product information points) both interactive & static

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