Digital Signage Media Players in Kenya

media players in kenya

Commercial grade digital signage media players in Kenya

We provide affordable, high quality, commercial grade, easy to operate digital signage media players. Whether its for a single location use, a DOOH network or a location with no broadband connectivity, we can provide you with players with different connectivity options: WIFI, LAN and 4G LTE to meet your needs. Check our various products below!

What is a media player?

A digital signage player is a computer attached to or embedded within a digital signage display. The player is responsible for feeding images, video, or interactive content onto the screen, and may need to complete more complex processes as well, depending on the type of media it is displaying.

Nearly always, the digital signage player will handle its media with the help of digital signage software that will do the scheduling, playback, content delivery to the player, and more. It is therefore important when developing a digital signage project to account for both the hardware capabilities and the software features needed to bring your network to life..

Are you building a digital signage network? We will help you determine the right players to use. You can test drive our software for one month. Contact us today!

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