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Queuebee is a leading, cost-effective queue management solution for small businesses and enterprises in Kenya and Africa.

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Simplified All-in-one Queue Management Solutions for businesses in Kenya

Our queue management solutions empower businesses with customised physical, virtual and hybrid queuing solutions for enhanced customer Journeys.

  • Creating smooth and efficient experiences
  • Reducing wait times for happier customers
  • Avoiding overcrowding in waiting areas
  • Keeping customers informed and engaged
  • Customising solutions for diverse needs
  • Using insights for continuous improvement

Our Queue Management Solution is designed not only to address all your problems but also help you create an environment where your customers can feel at home even while waiting. Our solution can: redefine customer experience, gain visibility into your branch operations to measure performance and help you create a competitive edge.

queue management system in kenya

Our Solutions

Scalable Queue System and Customer Experience Solutions

queue system solutions in kenya

Physical Queue Management

We provide high quality and durable advanced queue system hardware. This includes: QueueBee Kiosks and self check-in kiosks. Paired with user-friendly software such as QB10, this setup ensures a smooth, organised, and efficient in-person customer experience.

virtual paperless queue system in kenya

Virtual Queue Management

Leverage digital platforms to minimise wait times, enable customers to join a queue remotely by scanning a QR code on the queue ticket or obtaining a virtual queue ticket via the customer portal, and receive real-time updates for an enhanced overall experience.

hybrid queue management system in kenya

Hybrid Queue Management

Combine the strengths of physical and virtual queue systems with our hybrid solution. By integrating QueueBee Kiosk hardware, QB10 software and virtual queue ticketing options, we cater to the diverse needs of your customers.

Advanced Queue Ticket Capabilities

paperless ticket in kenya

Paper and Paperless

Accommodate varied preferences with both printed and virtual queues.

 ticket styles in kenya

Flexible Ticket Styles

Provide diverse ticket formats, such as QR codes, barcodes and numbers.

custom ticket in kenya

Personalised Ticket Designs

Customise tickets with logos and multiple languages for an inclusive experience.

paperless ticket in kenya

Live Queue Status

Keep customers informed with real-time queue updates on virtual tickets.

 ticket styles in kenya

Customer Web Portal

Enhance accessibility with a user-friendly portal for obtaining virtual tickets.

custom ticket in kenya

Prioritised Queuing

Cater to customers with special needs, ensuring an inclusive, comfortable experience.

paperless ticket in kenya

Estimated Wait Time

Offer an initial wait time estimate based on the current queue status.

 ticket styles in kenya

QueueBee One Queue

Simplify the process with a unified ticketing solution for multiple services or departments.

custom ticket in kenya

Queue Check-In

Seamless check in with QR code scanning via QueueBee kiosks or through customer portal.

How it works

how queue management system works in kenya

1. Queue Journey

Seamless Ticket Acquisition

Physical Queue Ticket

Customers visiting your premises can pick a physical ticket from the QueueBee Standee Kiosk or QueueBee Tabletop Printer. They can key in their phone number or scan the QR code from the appointment confirmation email directly on the kiosk or printer to initiate their queue journey efficiently.

Virtual Queue Ticket

Customers can join the queue remotely. They can obtain a virtual queue ticket from the customer portal, mobile app or by scanning the QR code from the physical queue ticket, enabling them to wait comfortably without physically being in line.

Hybrid Queue Ticket

For the most flexible and convenient experience, customers can choose between a physical ticket from a QueueBee Standee Kiosk or a virtual ticket from the customer portal or mobile app, catering to their personal preference and the situation at hand.

2. Waiting

Informed and Engaged Waiting Period

On-site Waiting

While waiting on-site, customers stay informed and engaged through the QueueBee Multimedia Display connected to the TV, showcasing real-time queue status updates, engaging content, and advertisements, making their waiting period productive and less tedious. Reduces perceived waiting time.

Live Queue Status

For those waiting remotely or on-site, they can access real-time queue status updates and queue position information via the customer portal or mobile app. They also receive notifications/alerts when their turn approaches, ensuring they are ready for service.

3. Serving & Transfer

Efficient Service Transition

Prompt Service & Transfer

As a customer's turn arrives, agents can use the QueueBee Virtual Call Terminal to call them to the service point. This efficient system ensures a smooth transition from waiting to being served. If needed, agents can also seamlessly transfer customers to different service points, providing a well-orchestrated customer journey.

4. Completion

Successful Service Encounter

Service Completion

After receiving the required service, customers complete their journey. They can provide valuable feedback by scanning the QR code on their physical ticket or via the QueueBee Customer Feedback Terminal. This contributes to continuous improvement and heightened customer satisfaction.

Solution Model

qb10 queue system software in kenya

Cost-effective and Scalable Solution

Optimizes queue times and service efficiency, adapting to environments from single-counter to complex multi-service settings.

  • Physical and Virtual Queue
  • Online Appointment
  • Customer Feedback (optional)
  • Content Management
  • Customer Web Portal Queue
  • Video Chat
  • Dashboard & Analytics
  • QueueBee Mobile App Queue
  • QueueBee Hardware Compatibility
  • Connect to CCQ
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses such as clinics, service centres, and shopping malls
qb20 queue system software in kenya

Multi-Department Queue Management

Caters to businesses with multiple departments and branches, providing real-time monitoring, dynamic reporting, and seamless 3rd party integration.

  • Physical and Virtual Queue
  • Online Appointment(optional)
  • Customer Feedback (optional)
  • Content Management
  • Customer Web Portal Queue
  • Video Chat (optional)
  • Dashboard & Analytics
  • QueueBee Mobile App Queue
  • QueueBee Hardware Compatibility
  • Connect to CCQ
  • Suitable for large organizations with multiple departments or sectors, including hospitals, telecommunication customer service centres and government agencies
centralized queue system software in kenya

Corporate Centralised Queue System

Powerful, web-based and cloud-ready platform that consolidates and manages your QB10 and QB20 solutions. It's designed to streamline queue management across multiple branches, whether they utilise QB10, QB20, or a combination, offering a unified approach to managing customer journeys.

  • Manage QB10 & QB20
  • Centralise Dashboard
  • Consolidate Reporting
  • Centralised Content Management
  • Suitable for large, multiple branch location companies, government agencies, utilities companies, and franchise businesses

queue management system diagram in kenya

Key Software Features

 queue system software features in kenya

Analytic Dashboard

QB10 | QB20 | CCQ

Experience seamless queue management and operations with a fully web-based, centralised dashboard accessible from any device, anywhere and at any time.

  • Real-time Data
  • Export and Share Analytic Results
  • Compare The Performance of Different Locations
  • Event Notification & Alarm
  • Monitor Wait Time, Service Time, and Visitor Flow

Actionable Reports

QB10 | QB20 | CCQ

Maximise business performance by leveraging advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, designed to provide comprehensive insights for data-driven decision-making.

  • Customisable Reports
  • Variety of Report Types
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • Visualisation Data
  • Real-Time Data Consolidation

 queue system software reports in kenya

 mobile queue system software features in kenya

Mobile App Queue

QB10 | QB20

Enhance customer journey with an all-in-one platform, featuring appointment booking, virtual queuing, brand promotion, and feedback collection, designed for streamlined interactions and improved satisfaction.

  • Access all services through a single QR Code
  • Virtual Queue Ticket
  • Flexible Ticket Styles
  • Live Queue Status
  • Personalised Branding

Customer Portal

QB10 | QB20

Enhance customer experience with QueueBee's virtual queue management, real-time notifications, location services, for reduced wait times and improved efficiency.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Virtual Queue Ticket
  • Remote Queueing
  • Real-time Queue Updates
  • Personalised Service Selection
 queue system portal in kenya

 queue system virtual call terminal in kenya

Virtual Call Terminal

QB10 | QB20

A web-based, user-friendly solution for staff, streamlining queue management with efficient activities, real-time monitoring, and flexible service options.

  • Efficient Queue Operation
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Configurable Navigation Buttons
  • Detailed Customer and Transaction Information
  • Flexible Service Options
  • Seamless Transfers
  • Alert Notifications
  • Video Call

Innovative Hardware

Standee Kiosk (QB-SK Series)
  • Sleek design in 3 sizes (10', 15', 17') with touch screen options for check-ins and service selection
  • QR/barcode scanning, facial recognition, and card reader compatibility
  • 80mm thermal printer and camera integration
  • Customisable, multilingual UI with built-in voice amplifier
 queue system kiosk in kenya
Tabletop Printer (QB-TSP Series)
  • Compact design for mobility with queue check-ins, ticket generation, ID capture, and service selection
  • PCAP Touch screen and Infrared Touch screen options
  • 80mm thermal printer
  • Customisable, multilingual User Interface
 queue system table top kiosk in kenya
Multimedia Display (QB-MMC Series)
  • User-friendly web-based content management with simple uploads for pictures and videos
  • Customisable display layout
  • Compatible with various digital hardware (LED/LCD displays, video walls) and TV box, Astro support
  • Supports multiple languages
 queue system multimedia display in kenya
Counter Display (QB-CD Series)
  • Available in 3 sizes (10', 14', and 16') with flexible, customisable display screens
  • Built-in speaker with multi-language support
  • Dedicated counter/room/workstation screen for displaying queue and information
  • Simple integration and easy setup
 queue system counter display in kenya
Main Display (QB-MD-CPU Series)
  • 2 sizes (16' to 24') for displaying queue information and counter direction
  • Fully web-based solution with content updates and multiple language support
  • Pre-loaded templates for flexible design and profile selection
  • Compatible with various environments and settings
 queue system main display in kenya
Call Terminal (QB-CT Series)
  • Web-based virtual call terminal in 4 sizes (8', 10', 14', 16') with multiple buttons and pages
  • Web-based/browser-based keypad accessible via Counter PC/PAD
  • LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • WIFI / RJ45 LAN 100Mbps connectivity options
 queue system call terminal in kenya
Check-In Terminal (QB-CIT Series)
  • 2 types (Wall and Desktop) and 2 sizes (10' & 14') for diverse settings
  • Enables check-ins and registration for services at different counters, rooms, or stations
  • Web-based UI design managed by CMS dashboard with customisable display and QR/barcode scanning
  • Multiple language interface and design for diverse clientele
 queue system check-in terminal in kenya
Calling Terminal Keypad (QB-CTKEYPAD)
  • Stylish design with 16 rubber buttons for easy use and reliability
  • Plug-and-play functionality with quick response to call queue operations
  • Various queue functions, such as call, recall, transfer, and more
 queue system call terminal keypad in kenya

Customer Journey And Experience Solution

Elevate your customer journey and experience by integrating QueueBee's Queue Management System with our other innovative solutions. Create a cohesive and efficient customer journey management experience that streamlines your organisation's operations.

 customer journey in kenya

Queue Management System is used by businesses of various sizes cutting across different sectors in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and the rest of Africa:

  • Banks
  • Government / Public Sector
  • Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Embassies
  • Telcom Service Centers
  • Saccos
  • Educational Institutions
  • Clinics
  • Any other organization which encounters heavy flow of customers.

Our Queue System is the ultimate turnkey solution for single to multi-branch business seeking to enhance customer experience and their brand.

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Customer Experience Solutions

Ticket Queue     |    Customer Web Portal    |    Online Appointment    |    WhatsApp Queue    |    Mobile App Queue     |    Customer Feedback     |    Content Management

 ticket queue in kenya

Ticket Queue

We change your customer journey and service experience.

For over 10 years, we have been assisting businesses to facilitate their customer queues by implementing QueueBee Queue Management Solution, regardless of whether it is a basic retail or multi-branch corporate enterprise.

Integrated software on desktop printer or self-service kiosk, customer obtains a ticket with queue number and wait for his/her turn to be served. As there are multiple options of virtual queue available, customer can opt for conventional physical queueing, mobile queueing, web portal queueing or SMS queueing.

Customer Web Portal Queue

Beyond virtual queue – impress your customers with a personalized QR client portal.

A customer portal with multiple functions benefits your business in many ways – appointment scheduling, virtual queue number, marketing and branding and customer feedback. Your customers will greatly benefit from the customer portal as they can better utilize their waiting time to run other errands or browse through your portal for beneficial information while they are waiting for their turn.

Integrating with appointment system, customer can make prior arrangement to avoid crowded queues at your premises. One QR code for all.

 customer web portal queue in kenya

 online appointment queue in kenya

Online Appointment

online appointment booking and scheduling solution is designed to support, ease and simplify the process for you and your customers, especially during this pandemic time.

Reduce huge crowds at your premises by enabling your cusotmers to connect from anywhere, book and check-in seamlessly. This helps to minimize customer wait times and ensures the provision of top quality services to your customers.

WhatsApp Queue

Virtual queueing via instant messaging application – WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Queuing solution offers a seamless, frictionless and contactless queuing experience, geared towards enabling you to optimise your customer experiences. Customers scan a specific QR code of the desired service provider, wait remotely and monitor the progress of their queue via WhatsApp chat. It is a highly convenient solution and an alternative to conventional queueing and other virtual queueing solutions that QueueBee provides.

 whatsapp queue in kenya

 mobile queue in kenya

QueueBee Mobile App

Queueing virtually from anywhere, anytime.

Available free on Google Play Store or Apple Store, QueueBee Mobile App is a very good option for virtual queueing and better waiting time management. A few simple steps to download and account registration allows customers to enjoy a worry-free mobile queueing experience. Present your customers the option to virtually join a queue before physically arriving at your branch.

Customers use their smartphones to obtain a ticket number from their desired service providers listed on the application. After obtaining a ticket number, they do not have to wait physically in the premise. A notification will be sent to customers’ smartphone when their turn is up.

Customer Feedback

Exceed your customers' expectations

Customer feedback is a very important guide to understand the satisfaction level of your current customers, and influence your decision making in evaluation of your products or services.

QueueBee Customer Feedback module is designed for gathering customer’s satisfaction through a straightforward approach. Your customers could rate their satisfaction with your business, product or service as soon as they complete their purchase/service. You could then evaluate the precious responses and improve your services right away.

 customer feedback queue in kenya

 qb CMS in kenya

Content Management

Digital signage solution

Centrally manage content shown on your displays. QueueBee Content Management is a brilliant solution which simplifies how content is displayed on different types of screens in your premises. In just a few clicks, the digital content such as on-going promotion, product information, company public service announcement etc. can be easily published and managed by user.

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