Digital signage for Banking and Finance in Kenya

Transform your bank or financial institution to engage customers, market your products, and streamline internal operations with digital signage.

bank video wall in kenya

Digital Signage for Banking & Financial Institutions

Our digital signage solutions can transform your financial institution into a transaction center, enhanced with a dynamically rich source of information regarding useful financial products and services. When using our digital signage solutions, you will easily::

  • display latest rates with our SmartForex Integrated Multimedia Foreign Exchange Display System
  • display equity portfolios and other related financial data to your clients
  • display internal communication such as HR policies, leader boards and quaterly performance goals
  • incorporate live info-tainment. Keep guests entertained and mix in your own promos, specials, event info to lift sales and return visits.
  • engage customers with interactive displays and enhance customer satisfaction
  • ensure brand consistency and compliance across all locations and impress your customers

Why Adcents Media?

Our innovative QMS and Digital signage technologies are: easy to use and cost effective. We provide:

bank queue management system in kenya

Queue Management for banks and financial institutions

Adcents Media provides queue management solutions for banks and financial institutions in Kenya and beyond. Managing long queues during peak business hours has always been a huge problem for banks. Take the first step to reconstruct your retail banking customer service experience with our remarkable Snappy QMS Solutions. We will help you reduce queue lengths, reduce perceived wait times by entertaining customers with integrated digital signage, increase sales by leveraging digital advertising and smart routing and increase staff productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

digital signage for corporate communications for banks in kenya

Internal Communications at Non-Retail Branches

We can also help banks and financial institutions in kenya support their internal communications. Several banks utilize digital signage for education and employee training needs. It’s ideal for displaying HR policies, leader boards, and quarterly performance goals. Incorporate social media feeds to keep your employees engaged and excited about all that’s happening outside (and inside) the branch.

bank wall mounted advertising screen for banks in kenya

Branding and Product Promotions

Adcents Media Limtited provides digital signage for banks’ branding and product promotions needs. Banks and financial institutions in kenya incur huge costs in advertising their products. In the longer run, digital signage advertising can reduce these costs and provide significant returns on investment.

bank waiting area video wall in kenya

Video Walls

Video walls create energy that most bank branches lack. Motion graphics displayed on large format video walls add a dynamic element that impacts the branch experience and increases awareness of new products. Showcase your corporate activities on the video walls in order to get your clients engaged with your brand.

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