Digital Signage for Corporate Communications in Kenya

corporate digital signage kenya

Enabling Corporate Communications in Kenya

Digital signage is an impactful communication medium for workplaces aiming higher employee engagement and transparency. We provide digital signage screens for offices: KPI screens, reception screens, meeting room displays, interactive kiosks,lobby screens, building directories and bulletin boards.

corporate communications digital signage display in kenya

Break Through the Communications Barrier with Digital Signage

Effective communication is the key to improving employee engagement and increasing productivity levels. In fact, poor communication and the resulting loss of productivity is one of the greatest hurdles that many organizations struggle to overcome. Email cannot cut it anymore. Broken down in financial terms, a study conducted by Siemens found that a business with 100 employees spends an average of 17 hours a week simply clarifying communication. This translates to an average annual cost of $528,443. Digital signage for corporate offices can easily help clarify messages and reduce confusion.

videowall or large format display for offices in kenya

Re-invent your Corporate Culture

Employees are a company’s most important asset. However, organizations are often so focused on the bottom line and ultimate end-goal that they forget to include and recognize the individual contributors that play a crucial role. Being more transparent throughout the process, clearly communicating company goals and sharing in the success, creates a corporate culture where employees are both motivated and inspired. According to research conducted by the Dale Carnegie Institute, companies with engaged employers outperform their counterparts by 202 percent. So, how can a company better engage their employees? Our digital signage software is a great place to start.

wall mounted digital signage for office reception

Why Adcents Media? We help you keep employees engaged

Through well-placed digital signage, we can help you cultivate an environment where employees are not only well informed, but feel valued by corporate leadership. Digital signage can help you:

  • Welcome visitors, reduce perceived waiting times at Reception areas and present your company in a professional manner with reception screens
  • Make CEO & HR announcements, Increase productivity and retain talent through recognition
  • Celebrate employee anniversaries, birthdays and achievements
  • Inform staff of company policies and procedures
  • Recognize top achievers and promote healthy competition with leaderboards
  • Modernize the ambiance with lobby digital signage
  • Promote charitable initiatives to increase participation
  • Display staff and event photos to increase team-building
  • Improve workplace safety by displaying clear instructions and regulations
  • Reduce print costs

Our powerful and easy to use cloud-based digital signage software gets you quickly started and empowers you to control your messaging.
We also provide HD digital signage displays: wall mounted, floor standing, video walls and interactive kiosks for corporate offices in kenya.

corporate digital signage communications in kenya

Are your employees actively engaged? Do they believe in the product or service you are representing? Are they aware of exciting things going on or the future of your company? If you cant confidently answer these questions, you are missing out.

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