Digital Signage for Hospitals and Health Care in Kenya

For hospitals, clinics and medical labs, increase patient engagement and improve the healthcare experience with information delivered on vibrant advertising displays.

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Queue Management Solution for hospitals and health care providers in kenya

Our Queue Management Solution is designed after a comprehensive study of patient journeys at health care organizations in Kenya. Our solution provides the health sector; a convenient and practical way to:

  • lower patient anxiety
  • enhance service quality
  • reduce patient waiting times
  • increase service efficiency
  • Score high on patient satisfaction

This is achieved by managing a smooth patient flow at private clinics, outpatient and specialist clinics, full-service hospitals, pharmacies, emergency centers and medical testing labs. QueueBee is the solution that will take your customer service to the next level.

Our queue system features include: virtual queueing, online appointment booking, customized customer portal, customer feedback solution and digital signage.

Get in touch today and we will help you organize and manage patient flow effectively; make the OPD visit experience comfortable and convenient for your patients.

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Health care digital signage in Kenya

Digital signage offers a chance for healthcare providers such as hospitals to: engage, interact and ultimately improve the whole healthcare experience for patients and visitors. Digital signage advertising displays are transforming the way healthcare facilities in kenya communicate with staff, patients and visitors. Digital signage displays can be installed in various locations such as: reception areas, waiting rooms, lobbies, hallways, A&E, OPDs, canteens, car parks and pharmacies.
Hospitals and medical offices that prioritize patient satisfaction and cost savings are using healthcare digital signage for:

  • The Brand Experience Solution – promote services, offers, donor appreciation, CSR activities, events, showcase your staff and values to improve brand awareness and increase revenue.
  • Reduce perceived wait times by displaying eye-catching and visually engaging: fun videos, trivia, health news, wellness tips and notifications in waiting rooms
  • Offer interactive wayfinding maps and directories- help patients and visitors navigate your facility with ease.
  • Donor Wall- Recognize generous donors and their contributions with a beautiful digital donor wall showcasing their pictures, donations, and other useful information, while encouraging others to donate as well.
  • Staff communication- keep employees empowered, updated and engaged by displaying new policies, performance info etc. with breakroom displays
  • Earn revenue from advertising- offer advertising space to complementary providers and drug companies.
  • Easily share new and time-sensitive information throughout your facility or locations in real time
  • Do away with printing costs- save costs of printed roll up banners with easy to manage and update digital screens
  • Digital Menus - efficiently display current eye catching food menu items and specials

digital posters kenya

Why Adcents Media?

Digital signage can grealty enhance patient or customer experience at a health care facility. It can be used to reduced perceived waiting times as well as turn them into sales time as visitors wait to be served. We can provide you with cost effective digital signage solutions:

  • Emergency messaging
  • Waiting room digital signage screens
  • Queue management system
  • Interactive Kiosks and applications (wayfinding)
  • digital menu boards
  • Wall mount & floor standing digital signage displays
  • LED/LCD Video Walls
  • Content creation

Our powerful and easy to use cloud-based digital signage software, enables you to intuitively display and manage multiple types of content for all your screens across your facility and branches anywhere in the world. We will help you quickly deploy your display screens as well as with the content required. We also provide you with friendly customer support and ensure your project is a success. We provide affordable, cloud based digital signage services for hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices in Kenya.

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Hot Digital Signage Products for Health Care industry in Kenya

Some of our solutions and applications for hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices, that help you engage your customers and improve your marketing communication.

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