Digital Signage for Hotels and Hospitality in Kenya

Create an upscale ambiance while effectively communicating with guests and customers in your hotels, resorts and convention centers. Enhance the guest experience

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Maximize the guest experience

Your hotel is a transition point for visitors, which makes your customers a ready and willing audience for information about your hotel itself and the locale. Rather than being obtrusive, digital signage in hotels makes the delivery of this messaging engaging and fun.
It also adds visual appeal and modernizes your hotel lobbies, restaurants and hallways, and contributes to an upscale ambiance. This is important in the hospitality industry where décor is a top consideration.

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Key benefits to your hotel

  • Attractive, dynamic and eye-catching content which will market your facilities even better
  • Faster content and price updates
  • Painless central management across all hotel sites and brand consistency
  • Enhanced brand image and improved customer experience
  • Highlight luxury amenities such as top-level suites, gym, spa facilities etc.
  • Greater visibility of special offers resulting in more conversions
  • Opportunity to sell flexible advertising space in your premises to other businesses

Location of installation

Digital signage displays are placed at places where guests can get maximum exposure and consume the relevant information at the right point, easily.

  • Lobbies
  • Hallways
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel reception
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Brand Building

Hotels can use digital posters and advertising screens to display their key-achievements, highlighting hotel features and services, vendor testimonials, latest news and updates about the property with an objective of brand-building and enhancing customer experience.

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Way Finding and Directory Tools

Digital displays for guests to conveniently explore your hotel. Display directions to the hotel’s event locations, conference rooms, dine-in areas, and other amenities like spa, gym, swimming pool, club etc. This self-serving way-finder improves guests experience, reduce staff interruption, and brings in operational efficiency.

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Advertising Platform

Digital Signage is an additional channel which serves as an Advertising and marketing Platform. Hotels can showcase their property with different amenities & services of the hotel. Moreover, for any hotel chain, Digital Signage can be used to advertise different properties, promotions and offers at different locations. We provide digital signage hardware as well as a highly intuitive and easy to use digigal signage platform to hotels and the requisite support to help achieve desired impact.

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Concierge Facility

Hotels can display their daily schedules, restaurant reservation, on site amenities, their contacts, and daily events on the Digital Signage. The guests can also be engaged on these digital display boards by providing information on road/air transportation schedules from that locality, weather forecasts, local tourist points, restaurants, helpline numbers, and other relevant locale information. Get in touch with us to help you upgrade your hotel with our digital signage products and services.

Hot Digital Signage Products for Hotels & Hospitality

Use digital signage to engage your customers and improve your marketing communication.

We help hotels in Kenya enhance their in-house marketing, enhance customer experience and engagement through tailored digital signage solutions. Have a project in mind? Get in touch!

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