Digital Menu Boards in Kenya

Enhance customer experience with eye-catching vivid product imagery using vibrant digital screens to display your menus

Digital Menu Boards made easy in Kenya

Upgrade your menu boards with more vibrant and engaging digital menus in order to enhance your customer experience and boost sales. Digital menus are trending in the food industry and are smart choice for quick service restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels in Kenya.

Digital menus are becoming more popular in Kenya. Our Digital Menu Boards are working on plug and play USB Media Players or Digital Signage CMS Software that allows you to update prices, or add/remove a new product remotely using the internet. This is ideal if you want to manage multiple locations from one location.

You can use budget-friendly TV Screens or Commercial Grade Screens. Commercial Grade screens are recommended where your digital menus will be working at least 16hours - 24hours non stop.

Digital Menu Features and Benefits

 digital menu boards in kenya

Increase sales of promotional items

  • Dedicated screen sections to dynamically advertise your fast food restaurant’s combo meals, daily promotions, and limited time offers/deals.

  • Attention-grabbing rotating images/videos cross-sell and upsell menu items to customers.

 digital menu board cloud software in kenya

Digital Menu Boards Can Be Updated Anytime, Anywhere

Update your menu prices, images, videos, and items, and even nutritional information and promotions with ease using our web-based digital menu boards software.
Lower cost of menu changes as there are no printing costs.

Advanced Digital Menu Scheduling

  • Our dayparting feature allows you to pre-schedule updates to your digital menu screen. Automatically change menus from breakfast to lunch and then dinner hours.

  • Specials, promotions, and limited time offers can be scheduled to update at specific times and days.

  • Schedule your highest margin and best selling menu items strategically, and to be promote them during your busiest hours.
 digital menu board cloud software in kenya

Why Choose Us?

 digital menu boards in kenya

Lets go digital!

  • End-to-end solutions provider - We provide the required assistance every step of the way to ensure the success of your digital menu project. We provide: needs assessment, hardware, software, content strategy, account manager, installation and support.

  • Digital Menu Design & Strategy - We can assist right from food photography, to eyecatching content design with a custom animated layout that is strategically designed around your brand in order to engage customers.

  • Updates & Flexibility- Easily deploy updates to your menus at once. You can send updates to single locations, groups, or all locations with ease.

  • Reduce Cost- Reduce printing cost and save the unnecessary time it takes to manually update static signs each time the menu changes and/or is updated. Save money and man-hours by not spending thousands of dollars for printed menus, distribution and shipping cost to replace static menus.

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